In general, most women have some degree of natural asymmetry (difference) between their two breasts. To the untrained eye differences in the breasts are often so minimal that they cause little or no concern for the patient. In more obvious cases the difference between two breasts can be quite substantial, causing both physical imbalance and emotional distress for the patient.

This difference can be displayed in either the shape, size or the actual nipple height on the breast itself. In some women the inframammary creases may also be at different heights with one breast lower than the other.

For patients with scoliosis there may be a difference in their chest wall causing one breast to protrude outward more than the other.

In cases of breast asymmetry, each woman’s situation is unique. The goal of corrective breast surgery is to surgically rectify the breasts so that they that match each other as closely as possible in both size and shape. This may be best achieved with breast surgery on one breast or both breasts.

Corrective breast surgery may include augmenting one breast and lifting or reducing the other breast, each surgical case is unique and corrective surgery is custom tailored to a patient’s specific individual needs.

At Secret Surgery Ltd, Corrective Breast Surgery also encompasses Nipple Correction Surgery

Nipple Correction Sergery

This is a highly popular procedure for women with “puffy” areola and/or inverted nipples. “Puffy” areola (also known as Protuberant Areola) puts a cone-like cap on the breasts that some women find unattractive. Inverted nipples can cause a great deal of distress, leading to problems when breast feeding as well as resulting in a lack of self confidence.

Most cases of inverted nipples are congenital; however, some nipples become inverted after breastfeeding when scar tissue builds in the milk ducts. Nipples that become inverted after birth are usually caused by one of three things: not enough skin at the base of the nipple, constricted milk ducts, or scarring of the milk ducts due to breastfeeding.

An inverted nipple may appear flat or as a hole or slit-like depression. Nipple correction surgery can restore the nipple to a naturally-projecting appearance.

Following corrective breast surgery, whether it be to the breasts, nipples or both, women have a greater sense of physical balance, more self confidence, a better body image, and greater self esteem. At Secret Surgery Ltd, we often note through our amazing patient testimonials how physical harmony can often create emotional harmony.

Am i Candidate for Correction Breast Sergery

Undergoing Corrective Breast Surgery is a personal decision, but you may benefit from talking to your family and friends about it, or even someone who has had a breast correction procedure themselves with Secret Surgery Ltd, Connect with patients via our online community here.

If the following applies to you, then you may be a suitable candidate for corrective breast surgery:

One breast is noticeably larger than the other.

One or both breasts are different shapes.

One or both breasts may have nipples that are at different heights, with one side higher or lower than the other.

One or both nipples are inverted

On one or both breasts the nipple is at or below the level of the breast fold. Sometimes most of the breast tissue is sagging low on the breast or at the bottom of the breast.

One or both breasts may not have much breast tissue on top and there is a need for more upper breast fullness.

One or both breasts may have large or misshapen nipple areolas that are not in proportion to the rest of the breast

Candidates are normally also required to be

Over 18 years of age

Not pregnant or breastfeeding

In good physical health

Psychologically well

You have realistic expectations for the procedure

Preparing for Corrective Breast Surgery

At Secret Surgery Ltd, preparation is a fundamental part our patient pathway. We strive to ensure that your health and well being needs are met throughout your experience with our dedicated team of professionals.

Prior to surgery you may be asked by our qualified medical staff to:

Get a lab testing or medical evaluation if needed

Take certain medications or adjust your current medications

Get a baseline mammogram before surgery and perhaps one after surgery to help detect any future changes in your breast tissue

Stop smoking well in advance of surgery

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and herbal supplements as they may increase bleeding

In addition, you will be asked to sign consent forms to assure your cosmetic surgeon that you fully understand the procedure that you will undergo and any potential risks, complications and side effects associated with Corrective Breast Surgery.

You will also receive special instructions prior to surgery which include: What to do on the day of your Corrective Breast Surgery and Post-operative care and follow-up instructions

Corrective Breast Surgery Procedure Steps

Corrective Breast Surgery is a highly individualised procedure achieved through a variety of incision patterns and techniques based on the patient’s individual needs and requirements. The appropriate technique for your individual case will be determined on your breast size and shape, the size and the position of your areola, and your skin quality and skin elasticity. These options will be discussed fully with you with your Cosmetic Surgeon in Poland, so that you may both arrive at a satisfactory plan.

Corrective Breast Surgery Recovery and Healing Steps

Once your Corrective Breast Surgery is completed, the surgical areas will be covered in dressing or bandages and an elastic bandage or support bra will be given to you to be worn, the purpose of a support bra or bandage is to minimise swelling and support the breasts as they heal, you may have to wear a support bra for the first week or two.

During your stay in Poland, Your Medical team will advise you of the following;

How to care for the Breasts following surgery, and the importance to cleanse the incision sites and apply any ointment as directed, and it is important you follow that advice carefully, as this is essential to the success of your final outcome.

Medications to apply or to take orally to reduce the risk of infection

Specific changes at the surgical site or in overall health

You will be seen daily by medical staff during your stay in Poland, to ensure that your recovery and healing proceed in optimum standards.

A return to light and normal activity is possible as soon as you feel ready, which is normally a few days after surgery, however initial wound healing may take between 5 to 10 days at which time your sutures will be removed, your surgeon will advise you when your sutures will be removed.

You will be able to return to work and resume normal activity after this time. It is advisable not to engage in any vigorous exercise or activity or heavy lifting within 4 to 6 weeks after your procedure.

It is important to note that Corrective Breast Surgery recovery times vary from patient to patient.

Corrective Breast Surgery Side Effects and Surgery Risks

The decision to have Corrective Breast Surgery is an exceptionally personal one and you will have to decide if the surgery will achieve your goals and expectations. Risks and potential complications are possible and it is advised that you discuss these in detail with you Cosmetic Surgeon in Poland who is medically qualified to answer your questions.

Corrective Breast Surgery Results

The results of Corrective Breast Surgery are immediately visible. Over time post-surgical swelling will subside and resolve, and incision lines will gradually refine in appearance. Patients experience an immediate satisfaction at their results, and experience fulfilment in self-confidence and personal body image in achieving their goal for an improved breast profile.

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