Laura’s Tummy Tuck Story

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How did you find the over all experience?
The best thing to ever happen to me was a friend pointing me in Secret Surgery’s direction. Its a roller coaster off emotions booking major surgery abroad from excitement to complete and utter fear.

I booked my Tummy Tuck July of this year and had my surgery finally on 22nd September.

How did you prepare for you op?
The anticipation on the run up got to much by the end and i didn’t sleep for at least two weeks, the only thing to keep me going was all the girls on secret surgery who had already been through it. Kylie (previous patient) coming to see me after her op meant more than words can describe at putting my mind to ease, chatting also to Kerrina (another patient) throughout her journey along with many more girls really makes all the difference as it prepares you for what’s coming and helps keep you sane.

How did you find the op?
The actual op was a breeze to be honest full tummy tuck without muscle repair But after being told by the ‘good old’ NHS for five years I had a hernia it was a shock to discover I didn’t and the lump had been sent off for biopsy, glad I had my surgery when I did now.

Do you have any hints/tips for other patients?
Tips hospital food isn’t ideal and if you like your cups off tea pack a travel kettle and tea bags (my god I missed these whilst over there) I took my rich teas but couldn’t dunk them and I’m so glad I packed protien shakes they were my saving grace in a foreign country haha (good for your recovery too).
Are you glad you had your procedure?
I’m glad I only went in for a tummy tuck this time but plan on having my boobs done early next year once I’ve fully recovered from this op.
Thank you Secret Surgery for everything, I can look down and see my privates for the first time in ten years, no more looking like I’ve wet myself in the summer where my skin hangs down, I can’t wait to get intimate and not have the embarrassment of my tummy clapping me on haha, you guys saved my life tbh as I probably would have starved myself to death over my own body hate in hope of the skin going away before I found you x
Do you have any advice for other patients?
I don’t hate what I see in the mirror anymore, be prepared for lots of swelling after a tummy tuck I wasn’t and that really knocked my confidence for a bit, be prepared for a roller coaster off emotions too before and after surgery (I can only describe it as such opposite ends off spectrum my partner thought I was becoming bipolar haha).
Are you glad you chose to go abroad?
It is so scary booking abroad, what if something goes wrong? For me I had visions of that film ‘hostel’ for weeks haha. It’s normal to be apprehensive but the team are amazing they message me regularly even now post op to check in with my recovery, they checked in whilst over there and are always available if you need a chat or some advice.



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