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My name is Angela Chouaib. In 2009 I was in the same position as you probably are now-trawling the internet, leafing through piles of medical marketing literature and altogether overwhelmed by the options available to a woman considering cosmetic surgery. Surely there was an easier way? I remember asking myself.

My frustration was compounded by more than just the search for a perfect plastic surgeon. Having shed 10 stone through weight-loss surgery, I now had to face the long wait until I’d ascended the NHS waiting list. The length of time I would have to wait would be two years. I needed an alternative solution. There were so many factors that I had to take into consideration in making a decision, from the cost of the procedure to the safety, skill and reputation of the surgeon.

Finally, my seemingly endless search bore fruit. I’d found my dream hospital and surgeon. The fact that it was in Poland didn’t concern me so long as the treatment I received was top-class.

In April 2010 I flew from the UK, to have my long awaited tummy tuck. Any previous reservations I had were unfounded – not only was the customer care exemplary, but the treatment exceeded all my expectations! I returned a short time later for a breast reduction and uplift and Vaser Liposuction to reshape my thighs.

When I returned home from my second procedure, I couldn’t help but feel the hospital and surgeon deserved more recognition. Back in the UK people were paying exorbitant rates for treatments they could receive in Poland for a fraction of the fees, and with the same level of expertise, safety, and professionalism as was offered in the UK.

My life changing and positive experience of elective cosmetic surgery in Poland was to be the proud banner I would wave for other women researching safe, overseas cosmetic surgery options, after all I learnt in the process of my extensive research that choice is something we should be entitled to as long as it is always a safe well informed one.

I spoke about my experience very positively in many forums, groups, and mediums; I soon became an information point for other women considering their options, by speaking truthfully I removed the stigma associated with overseas cosmetic surgery, and dispelled the myths that circulated in the press and media. It was at this time with great passion, enthusiasm and belief, and as a result of my own journey of transformation that Secret Surgery Ltd was born.

Since the beginning of my venture, I have created strong links with surgeons the length and breadth of Europe. I have set up support groups here in the UK to allow people to meet face to face or online to discuss concerns, I have sourced fully qualified practitioners at the forefront of their profession, and accommodated the needs of clients looking for the right procedure and surgeon to achieve their personal objectives – just as I was looking for, several years ago.

At the core of my objectives is the desire to help other people achieve an equally positive safe experience of cosmetic surgery. At Secret Surgery, we do our utmost to ensure you’ve made the right choice for your mind and body –You matter to us. We are a personal business, and the business is personal.

Cosmetic surgery abroad involves so many options – where, when, who, how? That’s why we hold your hand throughout the process and guide you to the safest structures to ensure your experience is stress free and efficiently organised. We assist you with communication, flights, dates, hotels and procedures –allowing you to prepare both physically and emotionally.

Our English-speaking consultant will assist you every step of the way, taking into consideration any special requests you have, our team are highly experienced, fully certified and utterly dedicated to providing a world-class standard in medical services, and because most of our business is through personal recommendation, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

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For the benefit of travelling partners, families and companions Secret Surgery are happy to assist in organising any of the following elements for either yourself, or your friends and family.

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