Varicose Veins

surgery abroad price listVaricose veins: lots of us get them, none of us like them. Varicose veins are swollen, dark veins which appear much more visibly through the skin than regular veins, and they tend to crop up as we get older – but some of us get them in pregnancy, too.

They don’t look attractive, and it’s no surprise that a lot of people – both men and women – feel insecure about showing off legs with varicose veins coursing up and down them. But alas, we’re here to help – and there is something we can do about them!

Sclerotherapy is what we call our varicose vein treatment. We inject a salt solution into the veins, which should slowly begin to disappear within three to four months. It’s a mildly uncomfortable procedure, but not painful – and it only takes around a half hour!

Of course, no surgeries come without their side effects. You might be a little itchy after the procedure, and the site of your injections could look a little red and sore. Bruising may also last for a few weeks.

There’s also always a small chance of swelling or inflammation, but the risks of this surgery are relatively low in comparison to many others. As long as you rest your body properly after treatment – avoid hot baths and direct exposure to sunlight, and always keep your compress on – you should be just fine.

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