Vaginal Tightening

surgery abroad price listVaginal tightening, which is also sometimes called a Vaginoplasty, is a procedure that some women undergo in order to tighten the vagina.

Childbirth and age can both cause loosening of the skin around the vagina, which may reduce sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. While loss of muscle tone and loosening of the vaginal muscles occurs most frequently in older women or those who have recently been through childbirth, even some younger women might feel that they could benefit from vaginal tightening surgery. Vaginoplasty offers several benefits asides from the physical benefits, you will feel more confident.

Am I a candidate for Vaginal Tightening

Undergoing a Vaginoplasty is a personal decision, you can talk to other patients that have undergone this procedure at Secret Surgery Ltd to find out more.
You may be a candidate for Vaginoplasty if:

Vaginoplasty offers real relief to a woman with a prolapsed pelvis. Such a condition results from a weakening of the muscles at the base of the pelvis. The weakening of those muscles causes the pelvis to press on the woman’s vagina. Such pressure triggers development of a level of discomfort in the region of the vagina.

Preparing for Vaginal Tightening Surgery

At Secret Surgery Ltd, preparation is a fundamental part our patient pathway. We strive to ensure that your health and well being needs are met throughout your experience with our dedicated team of professionals.
Prior to surgery you may be asked by our qualified medical staff to:

In addition, you will be asked to sign consent forms to assure your cosmetic surgeon that you fully understand the procedure that you will undergo and any potential risks, complications and side effects associated with your surgery.
You will also receive special instructions prior to surgery which include:

Vaginal Tightening Procedure Steps

During vaginal tightening surgery, which might take around an hour, the patient will be under general anaesthetic. The surgeon will join the stretched muscle at the back of the vagina together with dissolvable stitches, leaving only scarring on the inside of the vagina.
The appropriate technique for your individual case will be determined by your Surgeon in Poland.

Vaginal Tightening Recovery and Healing Steps

Vaginal tightening surgery will result in an immediate tightening of the muscles around the vagina. The area might be a little sore or swollen for a short time after the procedure.
Walking comfortably is usually possible after a couple of days, and sexual intercourse should be avoided for four to six weeks.
You may be advised to avoid intercourse for three to six weeks following labiaplasty surgery, and may also be told to avoid using tampons and vaginal douches during your recovery period.
During your stay in Poland, Your Medical team will advise you of the following;

Vaginal Tightening Side Effects and Healing Risks

The decision to have vaginal tightening surgery is an exceptionally personal one and you will have to decide if the surgery will achieve your goals and expectations. Risks and potential complications are possible and it is advised that you discuss these in detail with your surgeon in Poland who is medically qualified to answer your questions.

Vaginoplasty Surgery Results

Over time post-surgical swelling and discomfort will subside and resolve,. Patients experience an immediate satisfaction at their results, and experience fulfillment in self-confidence and enhanced function.

Angela Says

“Most patients who undergo vaginoplasty are report of being thrilled with the results; this procedure has a very high success rate in improving sexual gratification. Besides giving the patient more strength and control of the vaginal muscles, this surgery often increases the support of the perineum, the emotional benefits of improved function are also widely reported, our skilled surgeons who operate in state of the art hospital facilities will discuss this procedure at length with any patient who wishes to know more.”

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