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moneysolAre you choosing the right clinic? Have you considered all the options? Can you afford it?This last question is, undoubtedly, one that troubles manypatients. Yes, many surgical procedures are available on the NHS – gastric bands and breast reductions are just two of them – but they’re only available to those deemed ‘suitable candidates’. Because of this, many of us are unable to remedythese hang-ups; we cannot achieve something we’ve dreamed of achieving for years.

For those of us who don’t comply with the NHS criteria, there’s no other option than contacting a private clinic.Of course, private surgery in the UK is more expensive than any where else in the world. Costs can be substantial, even for the most common procedures.

That’s why many patients consider travelling to clinics abroad – they want the very best cosmetic surgery, without having to take out a bank loan. But surgery is never cheap – if it is, you’re putting yourself in danger. So why is cosmetic surgery so expensive?
Because you’re temporarily putting your appearance, health and happiness in another person’s hands.

Here at Secret Surgery, we understand that the cost of surgery can be crippling. For many of our patients, coughing up a lump sum is not feasible. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our partnership with Money Solutions UK, who can now arrange finance for the cost of your surgery.This eases the worry of not being able to pay for a procedure, which is the last thing you need to think about when you’re trying to recover.

We put our customers’ needs before everything else, which is why we’re pleased to be able to take the stress of out of financing your chosen procedure.
You needn’t resign yourself to feeling like surgery is not an affordable option, though you never put yourself in a dangerous financial situation either. If you’re weighing up the cost of cosmetic surgery, feel free to contact us – we’ll help find a solution.

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